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Hawaii's Big Island Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia The “Big Island” of Hawaii is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands, and offers a fascinating and stunning array of beautiful...


Maui Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

As the second-largest island in the Hawaiian chain, Maui is home to less than 150000 people. It makes up for its sparse population by drawing more than 2.4 million visitors per year, all of...


Discover Your Aloha | Hawaiʻi | Expedia

'Aloha' has many meanings. In the Hawaiian language it can mean a happy greeting or a sweet farewell. It's about relationships, interdependence, balance between man and nature, person...


Honolulu, Oahu Things to Do | Expedia

Powerful surf crashes on North Shore beaches, vibrant schools of colorful fish teem in the coral gardens of Hanauma Bay, and fire knife dancers enchant Mai Tai-sipping, aloha shirt-sporting...


Cook Islands Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia Situated at the very centre of Polynesia, the Cook Islands is an archipelago nation comprised of 15 islands. It is spread...


TRAVEL HAWAII - Booking with EXPEDIA { My experience}

TRAVEL HAWAII - Booking with EXPEDIA { My experience} I use Expedia a lot for flights and hotels when travelling overseas and even locally in Japan. This is my experience with Expedia after...


He‘e | Animal Guide| Hawaiʻi | Expedia

Meet He'e, the octopus.Hawaiʻi's loving and generous spirit.


Fiji Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia The locals in Fiji have a saying, “Bulla,” which means “life” and “good health.” You'll hear it used frequently...


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Hawaii | Expedia


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