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New York City Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia New York City is an international metropolis built on the shoulders of immigrants and their descendants. New York City is home to eight million...


Orange County Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Orange County, California, is sandwiched between the vibrant metropolis of Los Angeles and the relaxed waves of San Diego. “OC,” as it's called by locals, is a group of cities located...


Denver Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia Come play with us in the “Mile-High City” and discover some of the best Denver tours. Denver is a scenic city surrounded...


Portland Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia Welcome to Portland, Oregon, where you can experience the laid-back atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest amid beautiful natural...



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Yosemite National Park Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia Yosemite National Park sits on the western slopes of California's Sierra Nevada Mountains. Most visitors...


Los Angeles Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia Welcome to Los Angeles, the “Capital of the Creative World.” Los Angeles tours begin and end with the unique culture of the city and county....


One Day in Los Angeles | Expedia

When you're stuck with an extended layover in Los Angeles, consider it the perfect excuse to get out and explore the city. With nearby beaches, shops, and museums, what better way to spend...


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