What is CherryActive ?

CherryActive is an award winning British Brand – CherryActive Ltd was founded in 2005 by John Carey and has grown to become the largest supplier of Montmorency Cherry in both powder and juice concentrate formats in the UK.

We produce a range of plant-based nutritional products that provide an evidence-backed boost to health and athletic performance. 

Our products are carefully manufactured, using the finest plant-based ingredients and avoiding excessive heat, preservatives and other chemicals, to protect their nutrients and taste. Our products and their benefits are enjoyed by thousands of customers, including world-class athletes and sports teams.



After a similar experience to that of John Carey and, after experiencing for himself the health benefits gained from this superfruit by including CherryActive within his daily dietary routine, Glen Breeds decided to bring the brand to Asia. 

He is the founder of the Cherryactive Brand in Malaysia and Singapore establishing CherryActive Sdn Bhd as the sole and Exclusive Impoter & Distributor in Malaysia, Singapore and South East Asia Region. Norazlina Pateh was appointed Co Director and Manager of CherryActive Asia Sdn Bhd in 2014. She is responsible for all sales & distribution and is the primary contact in Malaysia.

The company was rebranded as Active Edge in 2017 with three more super juices added to the company’s line up including BeetActive . 

Active Edge-CherryActive products are now enjoyed by thousands of customers around the world, including a host of international and premiership rugby, football and cricket teams, Olympic squads and other high profile athletes and teams.