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CherryActive Capsules 60s

CherryActive® capsules are made from 100% natural Montmorency cherries. After pressing the cherries to make our CherryActive® concentrate juice we take the skins and freeze-dry them and mill them into a fine powder. This fine powder allows your body to maximise absorption and protects the concentrated antioxidants within these special cherries. This powder is then capsulated into a 100% vegetarian shell.

The freeze drying process removes the naturally occurring sugars (fructose) which makes these capsules an ideal alternative to the concentrate if you have a calorie controlled diet or have diabetes. Each capsule is under 2 calories and is very low in carbohydrates.


  • CherryActive capsules are made from 100% natural Montmorency cherries.

  • Freeze-dried to protect their concentrated antioxidants and fine milled to maximise absorption.

  • 100% Vegan and Vegetarian with no fillers or anti-caking agents.

  • Under 2 calories per capsule and very low in carbohydrates.

  • Approximately 100 Montmorency cherries per capsule

  • Certification by MOH


Results from scientific research suggest that regular consumption of Montmorency cherry antioxidants may help maintain:

  • Gout management – Montmorency cherries are rich in anthocyanins, which research shows help lower uric acid levels and reduce risk of gout attacks.

  • Sleep – Montmorency cherries contain melatonin, which can improve duration and quality of sleep.

  • Joints – Montmorency cherries have anti-inflammatory properties, which help to maintain comfortable, mobile joints.

  • Anti-ageing – Montmorency cherries contain high levels of powerful antioxidants to help combat the signs of ageing and help protect from diseases associated with ageing.

  • High blood pressure – Montmorency cherry juice significantly reduces high blood pressure at a level comparable to that achieved by medication, according to research from Northumbria University, Newcastle

  • Exercise recovery – Montmorency cherries help reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery rates after sport and training.