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Montmorency Cherries are a natural way to lower uric acid levels and help stop gout attack. Find out what is gout and how can Montmorency cherries help?

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Gout is a type of arthritis that causes sudden and extremely painful attacks in the joints of the foot, knee, ankle, hand and wrist – especially the big toe.

cherryactive-juice-concentrate-goutGout is caused by excess uric acid in the bloodstream. An overload of uric acid can cause it to form into microscopic, needle-like, urate crystals in the joints, causing inflammation and intense pain.

All of the cells in the human body, and many of the foods we eat, contain substances known as purines. As old cells are broken down, or as foods are digested, these purines are converted to uric acid, which is carried in the blood.

Most people with gout have high levels of uric acid in their blood because they do not pass enough in their urine, often due to inefficient kidney function. High levels of purines in the diet and certain medications like diuretics are also factors that increase the occurrence of gout.

Lowers uric acid levels

Research shows drinking Montmorency cherry juice lowers blood uric acid levels helping to reduce the frequency and severity of gout.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Montmorency cherry juice contain compounds called anthocyanins, which have anti-inflammatory properties, helping to reduce the inflammation and pain associated with gout. Proven natural remedy for gout sufferer.

How Montmorency cherries help

Research studies show that consumption of Montmorency cherry juice can lower uric acid in thebloodstream.Lowering uric acid levels in the blood can prevent it forming crystals of urate that cause gout attacks.
Analysis of Montmorency cherries shows they contain significant levels of anthocyanins (far higher than other varieties of cherries and other fruit) which
give the fruit its bright red colour. Scientists believe these compounds are behind the fruit’s uric acid lowering effects.
Studies have also shown anthocyanins to possess anti-inflammatory properties.This may help reduce the inflammation and pain associated with acute gout attacks. Therefore, individuals, with a susceptibility to gout,may be able to reduce uric acid levels and inflammation associated with gout attacks by including Montmorency cherries in their diet.
Although studies have used Montmorency cherry juice concentrate, freeze-dried powders and dried cherries may also be effective
Comparison chart of antioxidants in fruits and cherries have the highest score

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Natural remedy for gout

Daily drinks of cherry-juice concentrate could help thousands of patients beat gout, according to new research.

The agonising condition, which affects one in 14 men and one in 35 women in the UK, occurs when excess uric acid crystallises in the joints, especially the toes.

But now a study by Northumbria University shows that drinking a concentrate made from tart Montmorency cherries, which possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, helps clear excess uric acid from the body in just a few hours.

Drinking just 30ml of the concentrate with water twice a day led to lower blood uric acid levels and reduced inflammation, the study found. Experts say the research is an ‘exciting first step’ to help sufferers alleviate the condition through diet.

Treatment options currently include keeping pressure off the affected joint, the use of ice packs during attacks, and taking anti-inflammatory drugs.

In extreme cases, patients use corticosteroids. However, like all drugs, these carry the risk of side effects including heart and stomach problems, especially when used for a long time.

Medication to inhibit the formation of uric acid crystals is also prescribed but only in extreme circumstances as, again, side effects can be severe.

Some foods are high in purines, the naturally occurring chemicals that are broken down into uric acid by the body. Avoiding eating these foods – including game and oily fish – can help reduce the risk of a gout attack. Foods that contain yeast or meat extract are also high in purines.

However, this is the first time a food that actively treats the condition has been suggested. Dr Glynn Howatson, a reader in sport, exercise and rehabilitation at Northumbria University, who led the research, said: ‘The study clearly shows that uric acid is lowered following consumption of the Montmorency cherry concentrate.

‘Perhaps most importantly, only a relatively small amount is necessary to bring about the positive uric acid-lowering effects.’

In the study, published today in the Journal of Functional Foods, 12 volunteers were given a brand of Montmorency cherry concentrate called CherryActive, which was mixed with 100ml of water twice a day.

Over the next few days, their urine and blood were tested for markers of inflammation and uric acid before and after taking the cherry supplement. Researchers found that when participants drank CherryActive, it acted as a catalyst for the body to eliminate excess uric acid through the urine.

A UK Gout Society spokesman acknowledged that Montmorency cherries could help reduce uric acid levels in the body but added: ‘People with gout should go to their GP because it can be linked to other conditions such as stroke and psoriasis.’


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