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  • cherryactive_juice_caps_60x3
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  • cherryactive_juice_label_caps
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Product Description

CherryActive® capsules are made from 100% natural Montmorency cherries. After pressing the cherries to make our CherryActive® concentrate juice we take the skins and freeze-dry them and mill them into a fine powder. This fine powder allows your body to maximise absorption and protects the concentrated antioxidants within these special cherries. This powder is then capsulated into a 100% vegetarian shell.

The freeze drying process removes the naturally occurring sugars (fructose) which makes these capsules an ideal alternative to the concentrate if you have a calorie controlled diet or have diabetes. Each capsule is under 2 calories and is very low in carbohydrates.


  • CherryActive capsules are made from 100% natural Montmorency cherries.
  • Freeze-dried to protect their concentrated antioxidants and fine milled to maximise absorption.
  • 100% Vegan and Vegetarian with no fillers or anti-caking agents.
  • Under 2 calories per capsule and very low in carbohydrates.
  • Approximately 100 Montmorency cherries per capsule
  • Certification by MOH


  • Gout management – Montmorency cherries are rich in anthocyanins, which research shows help lower uric acid levels and reduce risk of gout attacks.
  • Sleep – Montmorency cherries contain melatonin, which can improve duration and quality of sleep.
  • Joints – Montmorency cherries have anti-inflammatory properties, which help to maintain comfortable, mobile joints.
  • Anti-ageing – Montmorency cherries contain high levels of powerful antioxidants to help combat the signs of ageing and help protect from diseases associated with ageing.
  • High blood pressure – Montmorency  cherry juice significantly reduces high blood pressure at a level comparable to that achieved by medication, according to research from Northumbria University, Newcastle
  • Exercise recovery – Montmorency cherries help reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery rates after sport and training.


How many Cherries are in cherryactive juice concentrate and capsules?


premium_quality Cherryactive high in antioxidant for gout, arthritis, insomnia, healthy heart, speed up muscle recovery for sporting activities Cherryactive high in antioxidant for gout, arthritis, insomnia, healthy heart, speed up muscle recovery for sporting activities  vegan   vegan



Recommended taking two capsules daily before or after food.

If better sleep quality is also required, take the capsules one hour before sleep.

Don’t like taking capsules?

You can always crack open the capsules and add the Montmorency cherry powder to any cold drink, post training shake or even into your yoghurt at breakfast. Being taste free and finely milled this powder can be poured into and onto nearly anything!


More Info

The capsules are made using very high quality, freeze dried, powdered Montmorency cherry. Freeze dried process is a very expensive and effective ways of keeping the nutrients and maintaining in its natural form. The powder is then encapsulated in a 100% vegetarian shell without added fillers or other additives. Making it suitable for vegetarian or vegan to consume

Health benefits of Montmorency Cherries

Montmorency cherries contains high level of Anthocyanins (powerful antioxidant and possess anti-inflammatory properties), Melatonin (potent antioxidant, also help to maintain restful sleep), Super Oxide Dismutase (powerful enzyme and cellular antioxidant), Flavonoid (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties) and other antioxidant compounds.

Results from scientific research suggest that regular consumption of Montmorency cherry antioxidants may help maintain:

  • Joint health – Supports management of Gout and Arthritis
  • Normal uric acid levels
  • Restorative sleep
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Muscular Strength and Recovery

Note: A growing number of research studies demonstrate the powerful, health-promoting properties of superfoods. Read scientific research and articles . This is for information purposes only. We do not claim that our products treat, cure or prevent medical conditions nor intend to provide individual recommendations.


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