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Expedia Senior Manager of Destination Management - Fulfilling People's Dreams

Expedia's Senior Manager of Destination Management talks about how he loves coming to work because he assists people with planning their dream vacation, ...


The Science of Product at Expedia

By Sam Bradley, Senior Global Product Manager Slides: Meetup group: ...


Job Interview | Expedia Interview Experience | Question and Answers

If you're an engineering student then this video's and your match was made in heaven! Watch Bhaskar Goyal share his interview experience at Expedia ...


Life at Expedia | Bring Your Child To Work Day | Expedia

Student reporter, Zoe, gives us a tour of Expedia's headquarters on Bring Your Child to Work Day.


Expedia Senior Manager of Social Media - Intelligent and hardworking coworkers

Jake Reed, the Senior Manager of Social Media talks about his experience working at Expedia. He enjoys working with intelligent coworkers, and he gets to ...


Become a Citizen of Expedia


New York City Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia New York City is an international metropolis built on the shoulders of immigrants and their descendants.


Expedia Discriminates against seniors!

Expedia is charging senior citizens more when they click on the senior citizen link instead of giving them a discount like the link suggests! This happened when ...


A Day in the Life of an Applied Researcher at Brand Expedia

Discover the world of an Applied Researcher at Brand Expedia and view the open roles to join the team here: ...


Lodging Partner Services: Connectivity

Ever wonder what connectivity is? We sat down with Desiree Goorberg, Senior Director of Connectivity for Product, to discuss connectivity, automation, and how ...


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